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By Delvin Solkinson & Kym Chi


Permaculture Design Teachers Notes


Free Download or Hardcover Book. An essentialized summary of Permaculture Design.

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What permaculture helps us to do is to think differently. We can start to apply the permaculture thinking to find the solutions any problem, enabling and empowering people. Rather than giving people the solutions, permaculture empowers people to find their own solutions and take responsibility for their own learning.

- Looby Macnamara www.loobymacnamara.com


A free offering to the World Community as a download at printable resolution

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The source material in this work is from an exceptional team of permaculture pioneers.

Highest recommendations to get their books, take their classes and learn from their truly exceptional teachings. 


Source Inspiration and Core Contributions

Rosemary Morrow www.bluemountainspermacultureinstitute.com.au

Robin Clayfield www.dynamicgroups.com.au

Looby Macnamara www.loobymacnamara.com

Core Insight and Contributions :

Robyn Francis www.permaculture.com.au

Larry Santoyo www.permacultureacademy.com

Max Lindegger www.ecologicalsolutions.com.au

Core Inspiration and Insight :

Scott Pittman www.permaculture.org

Jude Hobbs www.cascadiapermaculture.com

Tom Ward www.siskiyoupermaculture.com

Geoff Lawton www.geofflawtononline.com

Douglas and Sam Bullock www.permacultureportal.com

Michael Becker www.vimeo.com/permaculturedesigns/inspiringeducation

Dave Boehnlein www.terraphoenixdesign.com

Starhawk www.starhawk.org

David Holmgren www.holmgren.com.au 

Dan Palmer www.makingpermaculturestronger.net


This has truly become a group project. Gratitudel to the human guild who collaborated to make this possible.

Envoy : Delvin Solkinson www.dewpermaculture.com 

Design : Sijay James www.onbeyondmetamedia.com

Editing and Contributions: Kym Chi www.gigglingchitree.com


Core Team and Contributions: 

Annaliese Hordern www.symbioticnature.com.au

Dana Wilson www.mortalcoilmedia.com

Extra thanks to past editors 

Tamara Griffiths www.tamaraandduckyhaveadventures.blogspot.com

Niki Hammond and Tes Tesla

Epic gratitude to Grace whose presence on this journey is anchoring and uplifting this work.


This toolkit and sourcebook presents unique and complimentary content that can support the other Permaculture Teaching Books available globally including 


Teaching Permaculture Matters - Rosemary Morrow

Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture - Rosemary Morrow 

Teaching Permaculture Creatively - Robin Clayfield & Skye

Permaculture Teaching Guide - Edited Andy Goldring

People and Permaculture - Looby Macnamara


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

- Albert Einstein