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By Delvin Solkinson & Kym Chi


The Sharing Farm Presents :
Permaculture Design 
O.S. 2018

Free Design Day at 
The Sharing Farm, Terra Nova, Richmond
June 2, 11 am - 5:30 pm 

Join us for a uniquely creative social permaculture activation day with a focus on :
- Community Currency (permanomics)
- Community Resilience (design for resilience)
- Community Neighbourhood Design (placemaking)

Open to anyone who considers themselves a part of the ecological, permaculture or transition movement. 

Bruno Vernier has taught in self-paced Learning Centers and been involved in the Open Source movement. His focus on Community Currencies has connected him with several world leaders in this field. www.openmoney.ca

Delvin Solkinson is a graduate student of permaculture education with a Masters Degree from Bill Mollison, has taken over 20 Advanced Courses worldwide and is a registered teacher through the Permaculture Institute, Permaculture Association and Permaculture Research Institute. www.dewpermaculture.com

Kym Chi is a dedicated advocate of earth stewardship, people care and regenerative action for future resiliency. She teaches Permaculture and works for One Straw Society, a non-profit focusing on food sovereignty.

Free for all participants
Limited space. 
Register in advanced email delvin@cosm.org



Thanks to for the permaculture photos:

Jonathan Lee www.subtledream.com     Dana Wilson www.gaiasguild.com     Shaun Friesen www.freezen.ca

Photo : Dana Wilson www.gaiasguild.com