The only limit to yield is the designers imagination

– Bill Mollison

Tour gardens and natural spaces with like minded people while exploring permaculture design methods, strategies and techniques for regenerative gardening.

  • explore permaculture principles, strategies and techniques 

  • experience dynamic education 

  • do designs and integrative activities

  • share potluck meals

  • learning and grow with the natural world.

Upcoming 2019 Offerings

$77 each or all 3 for $198 (Save $33)

Proceeds will be shared between One Straw Society and Permaculture Design to support future programming

Sunshine Coast 

May  25th- Gardening Food Forestry & Mycology 

Together we will : 

• Tour a forest and local Community Garden

• discover how to apply the natural forest’s design to your home garden

• learn Permaculture growing techniques

• understand how to design with mycology and mushrooms

• identify and utilize food and medicine plants 

• design a food forest through an integrative group design process





June 1st- Soil Building 

Together we will :

• explore a working farm

• learn about soil nutrients and micronutrients

• discuss composting methods and discover super composting plants 

• learn Permaculture techniques for building soil

• understand how plants can help indicate soil health



June 8th - Water Management

Together we will : 

• tour a local working Permaculture site

• discuss methods of water catchment, treatment and storage 

• become more resilient against drought and flood

• understand how water moves through the landscape

• learn ways to better conserve water in your home and landscape



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Kym Chi has a passion for service and helping others. She is a facilitator, mentor, medicine woman and artist .  To date; Kym has received a Diploma in Permaculture Education, 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed multiple teacher trainings, taken a variety of advanced trainings. Kym has also achieved a chartered herbalist diploma through Dominion Herbal College in 2010 and has studied with master herbalists Susun Weed, Dina Falconi, has undergone an year long apprenticeship with Barbara Cotgrave of Halfmoon Herbals and taken Alchemy with Robert A. Bartlett.  With a love of learning, she continues to take courses that grow her understanding of the natural world.  Kym wishes to inspire creativity and value centred living to enrich and develop healthy and abundant habitats and communities. With a love of Social Permaculture,  Kym enjoys supporting organizations and communities to become more resilient.  She lives on the Sunshine Coast, teaches Permaculture, runs a holistic healing practice and acts as the Executive Director for the food security organization, One Straw Society.

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