Permaculture Design Elements Deck

Cool Climates, Tropics, Drylands

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The core of permaculture is design and the working relationships and connections between all things.” - Bill Mollison


Sharing a deck of cards featuring elements commonly found in permaculture systems. 


Gamify your design process with movable elements from permaculture gardens and farms. Using these permaculture elements cards with a base map of your site, or a design site anywhere in the cool climates, tropics or drylands, you can learn and practice permaculture in a fun way with people of all ages and experience levels. This toolkit is perfect for students and teachers, designers, consultants and educators. 


Available as a free download at printable resolution or support my work and purchase a professionally printed and die cut copy direct from an on-demand printer. 

Free Download here 

Featuring visionary design from Sijay of these cards can be used in countless ways to explore the potentials of permaculture in land based design. 


The cool climates suit shares exceptional urban street art from Ben Tour 

The tropics and drylands suits share visionary art from the extraordinary Martin Bridge

The original inspiration for this deck came from my hero Michael Becker who co-taught the first teacher training I took with the Bullock Brothers on Orcus Island. 


Special thanks to Lee R Barnes and the Association for Regenerative Culture

for support in making this free open source project possible. 


This is a companion for the Core Curriculum Notes and Core Concepts Cards. Together they form a toolkit sharing a creative essence of the Permaculture Design Toolkit. 


Share and support this work to make permaculture accessible in a gamified form which is freely shared with the World Community. 


Envoy : Delvin Solkinson 

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