Permaculture Design Introduction to Gardening, Soil Building and Mycology Day

in partnership with Bowen Island Food Security, Bowen in Transition, Bowen Agricultural Alliance & Belterra CoHousing


Join us for a dynamic day touring gardens and natural spaces with a group of 

like minded people while exploring permaculture design methods, strategies and techniques for gardening, soil building and mycological design.


Together we will : 
• visit Permaculture sites
• apply the natural forest’s design to your home garden
• learn about soil biology and sustainable soil building
• discuss Permaculture growing techniques
• learn about designing with mycology and mushrooms
• discover food and medicine plants 
• do design and integrative activities
• share a potluck meal

By donation (recommended $20 - $40)

For more information or to register, please email

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Kym Chi has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed many advanced trainings, has a diploma in Permaculture Education and studies plant medicine. She teaches and mentors in Permaculture and runs a holistic healing practice. 


Chris Niebergall studies and teaches in the world of Mycology. He shares how mycelium can be your ally for food, medicine and creating sustainable designs.


Jackie Bradley and Phil Gregory a Bowen Island couple, are passionate about regenerating the soil and restoring a healthy soil microbiome. They are dedicated to growing nutritious and life enhancing food.

Thanks to for the permaculture photos:

Jonathan Lee     Dana Wilson     Shaun Friesen

Photo : Dana Wilson

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